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7-Day Bone Broth Diet Plan with Benefits

A broth is prepared by simmering bones and connective tissues in water and then straining the resulting liquid. The health benefits of this traditional food have been known for centuries. In addition to collagen, gelatin, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, bone broth is rich in nutrients. Bone broth is mainly made from chicken, beef, or pork bones. The bones are usually simmered for 24 to 48 hours to extract the maximum nutrients. Bone broth can be made with other ingredients, vegetables, herbs, and spices. You can enjoy bone broth hot or cold. It can be added to soups, stews, and sauces, and you can drink it straight. Everyone can benefit from bone broth due to its versatility and nutritional value.

This article will explore the 7-day bone broth diet plan with nutritional benefits.


What is the Bone Broth Diet?

In this 7-day plan, you eat Paleo for five days and fast for two. You should drink one to three cups of bone broth daily during the five days of eating Paleo. If you are fasting, consume three to six cups of bone broth daily. In addition to intermittent fasting, the Paleo diet emphasizes bone broth consumption daily. A Paleo diet may support gut health and weight loss for many people. Among the most problematic foods on a Paleo diet are grains, refined sugar, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

Bone broth diets incorporate intermittent fasting for two days in addition to Paleo.
Today, intermittent fasting is common in many diets, including the keto diet, the 5:2 diet, and crescendo fasting. Furthermore,  intermittent fasting boosts energy levels, increases lean muscle mass, and enhances mental focus, in addition to helping you burn fat more efficiently.


Bone Broth Nutrition

You can make bone broth quickly and use it in several delicious, complex recipes. In addition, it is a great way to utilize otherwise inedible animal tissues and bones. There is no way to calculate the exact nutritional content of bone broth because every batch is different. However, beef stock is one of the most common broths worldwide so it can be used as a reference. Beef bone broth contains the following nutrients:

Calories: 39
Protein: 9 grams
Fat: 1 gram
Carbohydrates: 0 grams
Fiber: 0 grams
Sugar: 0 gram

You may benefit from bone broth’s protein content as it builds bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. In addition to calcium, iron, and potassium, bone broth contains small amounts of other nutrients.


7-Day Bone Broth Diet Plan

Here is a sample 7-day bone broth diet plan that you can follow:


Day 1

Breakfast: Bone broth and berries
Lunch: A salad topped with bone broth dressing and grilled chicken or fish
Dinner: Chicken bone broth soup with vegetables


Day 2

Breakfast: An egg and bone broth breakfast
Lunch: Fruit, vegetable, and bone broth smoothie
Dinner: Roasted salmon and vegetables served with bone broth


Day 3

Breakfast: Oatmeal with bone broth
Lunch: Soup made with bone broth or chicken or lentils
Dinner: Vegetable and tofu stir-fry with bone broth


Day 4

Breakfast: Avocado toast and bone broth
Lunch: A salad topped with bone broth dressing, made with chickpeas or lentils
Dinner: Burgers made with bone broth buns, either chicken or veggie


Day 5

Breakfast: Nuts and seeds with bone broth
Lunch: A salad topped with bone broth dressing and grilled salmon or tofu
Dinner: A vegetarian chili made with bone broth that is made with vegetables


Day 6

Breakfast: A bowl of bone broth with fruit
Lunch: Quinoa or brown rice salad topped with bone broth dressing
Dinner: Roast chicken or fish served with vegetables and bone broth


Day 7

Breakfast: Bone broth and yogurt
Lunch: Soup with bone broth for lunch
Dinner: Steamed vegetables with chicken or fish and bone broth

Your needs and preferences can be accommodated through this plan. Avoid processed foods, sugars, and alcohol throughout the day, and drink plenty of water.


Health Benefits

Here are some of the specific health benefits of bone broth:


Improved gut health:

Bone broth contains collagen, which heals and repairs the gut lining. Boosting your immune system, improving digestion, and reducing inflammation are all benefits of this practice.


Reduced inflammation:

Several amino acids in bone broth, including glycine and proline, are anti-inflammatory. Besides reducing inflammation, it can improve skin conditions, joint pain, and other chronic health issues.


Increased joint mobility:

Bone broth contains collagen and gelatin, which can lubricate joints and increase flexibility. In addition to arthritis patients, it may benefit those with other joint problems.


Improved skin health:

By reducing wrinkles and fine lines, collagen in bone broth can improve the appearance of the skin. Additionally, it can keep the skin hydrated and plump.


Weight loss:

The nutrients in bone broth are low in calories and fat but high in protein. Therefore, it is a good choice for weight loss or maintenance.


Increased energy levels:

Bone broth contains amino acids that boost energy levels and reduce fatigue. It may be helpful if you are active or suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.


Improved sleep quality:

Bone broth contains glycine, which improves sleep quality. In addition to helping the body and mind relax, glycine makes falling and staying asleep easier.

Overall, bone broth is a nutritious and versatile food that can offer several health benefits. It is a good choice for people of all ages, but it is especially beneficial for people looking to improve their gut health, reduce inflammation, or boost their overall health.


Bottom Line

A 7-day bone broth diet can provide your body with essential nutrients and support a variety of health aspects. If you have any underlying medical conditions, consult your doctor before starting this diet. Although this plan may work in the short-term, long-term nutrition should focus on a balanced, sustainable approach based on your goals and needs. You can benefit from bone broth, but it’s best enjoyed as part of a broader nutritional plan.

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